Dr. Mejah Soong


MejahDr. Mejah Soong earned her MD from Texas Tech University in 2001 and completed her Psychiatry training at the University of Massachusetts in 2005. Along with training in the biological treatment of disease, she has had training in a variety of therapy techniques including cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic/analytic, group and couples therapy. During residency she was hired by Natchaug Hospital. For the next four years she treated patients there of all ages (children and adults) in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In 2007, she immigrated to Israel and served a mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force. She has recently completed an additional seven months of training in primary care medicine in order to focus on the integration of traditional medicine and psychiatric problems. She recently returned to Port Townsend where her family has resided for over 20 years.

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